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To offer a bunch of better-coordinated and more efficient services to the private forest owners and their forests - which cover three quarters of all the woodland areas in France – the 3 national umbrella organizations below have developed a common visual identity under the brand and logo "Forêt Privée Française" (private french forests).

  • CNPF (National forest ownership centre - Centre national de la propriété forestière) and its R&D department, IDF (Institute for Forest Development - Institut pour le développement Forestier)

  • Fransylva (the national federation of forest owners unions),

  • UCFF (the French Union for Forestry Cooperation -Union de la coopération forestière française)

Some other organizations belonging to those 3 "families", act in complementarity at the local level to support the sylvicultural activities of private forest owners :

  • the CRPF (Regional forest ownership centres - Centres régionaux de la propriété forestière) – that are the regional delegations of the CNPF; and some local associations for forest development ;

  • the local and regional Private foresters' unions 

  • the Forestry cooperatives and other joint management bodies.

This web site is jointly produced by CNPF and Fransylva


CNPF - Centre national de la propriété forestière

47 rue de Chaillot - 75116 PARIS -

  • President : Antoine d'Amécourt
  • General manager : Claire Hubert

IDF - Institut pour le développement forestier
(R&D Department with the CNPF) - 

  • President : Anne-Marie Barrault
  • Head manager : Eric Sevrin

Fransylva - Forestiers privés de France

6 rue de la Trémoille - 75008 PARIS -

  • President : Antoine d'Amécourt
  • General manager : Laurent de Bertier

UCFF - Union de la coopération forestière française

9 rue Buffault - 75009 PARIS

  • President : Bertrand Servois
  • Chief of staff : Tammouz Eñaut Helou